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Weather Summary:

Showers and storms should remain few and far between during the daylight hours, but rain chances go way up as the evening progresses. A scattering of rain and storms will be with us through much of the day Thursday as well. The odds of significant rain will increase again Sunday into Monday.


Average rain amounts over the next seven days should be around an inch, but if storms find your yard on more than one day, your rain amounts will be higher.


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Weather Impacts: It’s getting hotter with fewer showers through midweek; widespread rain may bring as much as 0.50″ to 1.00″ of rain on Thursday and again late in the weekend. Isolated storms at any point this week could produce that much or more in a few small areas.

Drying Potential: Two substantial rain threats in the next seven days limit the over-all drying potential if you are looking for long-term dry weather. The highest odds of getting wet area wide are Wednesday night into Thursday, and then again Sunday through Monday.

Lawns & Home Gardens: Judging by the Lawn and Garden Moisture index, only small parts of DeKalb (around Fort Payne, Lake Howard, Mentone, Ider), northern Cullman and Etowah, and far southwestern Marshall Counties are really hurting for rain now. Hold off on sprinklers until Friday in most communities that have had plenty of rain lately; those that are still dry need irrigation on at least 2-3 mornings this week to improve soil moisture.

Hay Fields: Another “don’t do it” kind of week. Hay cut on Tuesday has more than a 50% chance of getting soaked before it can cure. Drier weather on Friday and Saturday could give you a break long enough to dry smaller fields, but heavy rain coming through again on Sunday and Monday may ruin your efforts.

Spraying & Spreading: Liquid treatments applied Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings have the best chance of getting at least 6 hours of some sunny, dry weather. Dry fertilizers spread at any time over the next 5-6 days have a good chance of some free “watering in” (rain) within 48-72 hours of application.

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