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Weather Summary:

After a weekend of widespread storms producing extremely heavy downpours, there are those that received very healthy amounts of rain, while others received very little. Looking toward the week ahead, the pattern shifts to a more typical summertime regime where high pressure leads to hot and humid conditions and rain comes in the form of scattered periodic thunderstorms. There may be a few points during the week where storms become more widespread than at other times, but we don’t foresee any washouts and rain can’t be guaranteed at any point.

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Drying Potential: They drying potential improves on Monday as a better supply of sunshine helps temperatures warm into the lower-to-mid 90’s. A small chance for isolated showers will persist, but rain isn’t expected to be as widespread as what we saw this weekend. Each day the rest of the week has at least a chance for isolated soaking storms as humidity remains high.

Lawns & Home Gardens: If you live in one of the areas that missed out on the heavy rain this weekend, you’ll likely need to irrigate at least a little on Monday. Despite daily chances for scattered showers, we’re not guaranteed rain at any point this week.

Hay Fields:  Cutting hay at any point this week is somewhat of a risky proposition this week with daily chances for scattered showers. Despite the fact the rain chance is low each day, when you combine the probabilities over a multi-day stretch, the odds you see rain go up.

Spraying & Spreading:Don’t count on rain to help water in dry fertilizer on Labor Day, or at any point this week for that matter. Most will likely see at least one shower during the course of the upcoming week, but there’s no way to guarantee when and where that will happen. On the flip side,  it’s difficult to guarantee a completely dry stretch of weather, although the driest day of the week does appear to be Monday.

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