Brandon Chambers

Brandon Chambers joined the WHNT News 19 team in June 2011.

Brandon was born and raised in Oklahoma, but his roots run deep in the south. In fact, his grandfather was born here in the Tennsessee Valley in Decatur.

Brandon holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Oklahoma, and served for seven years as a meteorologist in Oklahoma City, where he covered weather that ranged from destructive tornadoes and hail to ice storms and blizzards.

Other than his passion for weather, Brandon's interests include almost all sports (especially baseball), hunting, fishing, flying, and just about anything else that will get him outdoors.

Recent Articles

  • Widespread Rain and Storms in Our Near Future

    Posted on: 9:08 pm, April 5, 2014, by

    First things first, here’s what we do know about a vigorous storm system that is expected to provide the Tennessee...
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  • Afternoon Clearing, Cooler Tonight

    Posted on: 9:02 am, April 4, 2014, by , updated on: 09:03am, April 4, 2014

    The severe weather threat is over for the Tennessee Valley, and all that remain are scattered showers lingering behind the...
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  • Tornado Watch Until 10:00 AM

    Posted on: 2:58 am, April 4, 2014, by , updated on: 03:02am, April 4, 2014

    A tornado watch is now in effect for the entire Tennessee Valley until 10:00 AM. An intense squall line, producing...
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  • Frost Advisory Tonight

    Posted on: 9:41 pm, March 30, 2014, by

    The National Weather Service has issued a frost advisory for the Tennessee Valley tonight. Temperatures are expected to drop into...
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  • A Breezy but Pleasant Sunday

    Posted on: 7:22 am, March 30, 2014, by

    Clouds are clearing the Valley this morning as the storm system that kept things dreary a chilly yesterday pulls further...
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  • Skies Clearing Tonight, Unseasonably Cold

    Posted on: 10:28 pm, March 29, 2014, by

    The stiff breeze we’re seeing behind an exiting surface low pressure brought a return of chilly conditions to the Valley...
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    Infrared satellite indicating the temperatures of clouds. The green colored clouds are colder and thus higher clouds while the duller colors are warmer and lower clouds. The bright orange and red colors represent the relatively warm ground.
  • Rain Tapering, Cool and Breezy Afternoon

    Posted on: 12:21 pm, March 29, 2014, by

    Scattered showers linger around the Valley as we enter the early afternoon hours. As the rain diminishes, a strong northwest...
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  • Rain Slowly Moves East, Nothing Severe

    Posted on: 7:34 am, March 29, 2014, by

    Rain has taken its time moving across the Valley overnight and is still progressing very slowly as the main band...
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  • Light Morning Showers… Widespread Rain Tonight

    Posted on: 9:13 am, March 27, 2014, by

    A decent batch of light rain with occasional pockets of more moderate showers is moving through the Northwest Alabama area...
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  • A Mild and Breezy Thursday with Stray Showers

    Posted on: 5:38 am, March 27, 2014, by

    A few light showers are dotting the radar this morning. Any rain you encounter will be mainly light and brief...
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