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Brandon Chambers joined the WHNT News 19 team in June 2011.

Brandon was born and raised in Oklahoma, but his roots run deep in the south. In fact, his grandfather was born here in the Tennsessee Valley in Decatur.

Brandon holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Oklahoma, and served for seven years as a meteorologist in Oklahoma City, where he covered weather that ranged from destructive tornadoes and hail to ice storms and blizzards.

Other than his passion for weather, Brandon's interests include almost all sports (especially baseball), hunting, fishing, flying, and just about anything else that will get him outdoors.

Recent Articles
  • Snow in Albertville Thursday afternoon. Photo by Daniel Gomez.

    BLOG: Wednesday, February 25 record Valley snowfall

    TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT)– Heavy snow began falling across parts of the Tennessee Valley late Wednesday morning. Widespread moderate to heavy snow continued into the afternoon, dropping more than a foot of snow in spots. Huntsville’s snow total was just over 8 inches. Related: Wednesday’s winter storm was one for the record books This is an archived live blog. Below, you’ll find minute-by-minute pictures, reports and updates as the winter storm unfolded.

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    Sunday Night Update: Potential Travel Problems thru Monday Morning

    As of 8:00pm Sunday night, light showers are just about to enter Northwest Alabama, and temperatures are still above freezing. It will likely be 10 pm or later before most Shoals locations are below 32 degrees, meaning we’re in for just a cold light rain or drizzle for a while.  But as temperatures drop below freezing from west to east, we’ll likely see the rain transition to freezing rain, sleet, or snow (or possibly all three in that order), which […]

  • Jason Threats

    Monday night into Tuesday road condition forecast

    Rain will continue leaving the Valley from west to east this evening as sub-freezing temperatures move in behind it. There may be occasional freezing rain or sleet on the back edge of the rain as it overlaps with the colder air, but the main concern tonight through tomorrow morning is the rapid freezing of standing water that’s collected on the roads.   If your driving plans tonight or tomorrow morning take you through secondary roads where water tends to linger, watch for […]

  • advisories2

    Winter Weather Advisory for the Valley

    The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for the Tennessee Valley beginning 3am Monday morning, lasting until noon in North Alabama and until 3pm in Southern-Middle Tennessee.  The fact this is only an “advisory” and not a full-fledged winter-storm warning reflects trends toward lower odds of major impacts to the Valley.  That being said, some slick roads are still a possibility for the morning commute for the entire area, especially in the Shoals. For more in-depth information, check […]

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    Continuing to Adjust our Winter-Weather Expectations

    We continue to adjust our expectations of Monday’s winter-weather potential. Uncertainty remains considerable-even by winter storm standards-but there seems to be a credible signal coming from Saturday night’s model runs that the upcoming system will be more powerful than previously indicated, which could mean less impact from snow or ice in the Tennessee Valley. A more powerful system means less winter weather? In this situation, yes, at least for the Tennessee Valley. With a more energetic storm system, the corresponding surface low would […]

  • bufkit_nam_08Z_khsv

    Why Winter forecasts are so difficult

    First things first, despite the question marks discussed below, we are still able to provide you with useful information about the upcoming winter weather potential that can help you plan.  If you’re looking for the latest discussion of our winter weather expectations for the Tennessee Valley, head over to the main forecast page. When the chance of snow or ice is becomes even a remote possibility, social media just blazes with chatter and model images of snow accumulations. The interest […]

  • sat_rad

    Light Evening Showers, Colder Tomorrow

    The low, dark clouds we’ve seen around the Tennessee Valley today have certainly looked rainy, but we aren’t likely to see a lot of showers on radar until later this evening.  The weak upper-level disturbance that’s giving us our mild, breezy, and mostly cloudy Sunday will eventually increase our rain chances, but don’t expect anything too heavy- rain totals will likely range from barely measurable to between 0.1 and 0.25″. Click through the gallery below for an idea of when showers […]

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    “Shockingly” Dry Air

    As we’ve all experienced first hand, winter is not only the season of colder temperatures but also the season of annoying static-electric shocks.  This phenomenon is directly related to the lack of moisture in the air. Before we discuss why this happens, we should talk briefly about the two primary measures of moisture in the atmosphere: dew point temperature and relative humidity. Dew Point Temperature Briefly defined: the dew point temperature is the temperature to which air needs to be cooled-while holding […]

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    Heavier Showers Moving into the Valley

    4:20 Sunday 2/1/15: After a day of periodic light showers moving across the Valley in random fashion, a more-organized bands of heavier showers is now entering Northwest Alabama ahead of an approaching mass of colder air.  These showers and occasional storms will trek east through the rest of the afternoon and evening. \ A few thunderstorms may create some thunder and lightning as the band of rain moves east during the evening, which may produce some wind gusts even stronger than […]

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    Windy Evening with Showers/Storms… Flurries Tonight (8:00pm Update)

    8:00pm update: A few clusters of showers continue trekking east across the Valley (see the radar image below… refresh this page to update). Little to no lightning is being detected, meaning we can’t really call them thunderstorms, but the cold air aloft is still allowing small hail to mix into the rain occasionally.  Gusts higher than 30mph will be possible with the heavier showers as well. Meanwhile, a cold-front is now nosing into NW Alabama with stout winds and colder […]