Hello! I am WHNT News 19 Storm Hunter Mike Wilhelm. It is an honor to join the best weather team in North Alabama at Valleywx.com! I will be posting stories, photos, and videos from my time out in the field watching Tennessee Valley weather. I will also post about weather history and other fun weather-related things.

I was born and raised in Huntsville and I’m quite familiar with North Alabama weather and geography. Growing up in Huntsville, I was a big fan of WHNT’s legendary H.D. Bagley back in the 1970’s. The Superoutbreak of tornadoes on April 3, 1974 really spurred on my already developing interest in weather. My original career goal was to work with the National Weather Service. Although I took another career path, weather has continued to be a big hobby of mine through the years. I have been a trained storm spotter with the National Weather Service since the 1980’s and have been chasing storms since the 1980’s as well. I am an alumnus of the University of Alabama.

I have maintained a weather page on the web since the mid 1990’s, which turned into a blog, http://www.bamawx.com in 2006. I am interested in all things weather: weather history, severe weather, winter weather, tropical weather, and even ordinary, everyday weather! I have maintained a YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/Bamawxcom. There you can see my chase videos, historic weather coverage, and much more. April 27, 2011 was the worst weather day in Alabama in a generation. As a Skywatcher for James Spann and Jason Simpson at ABC 33/40, my chase partner John Brown and I witnessed and captured the terrible Tuscaloosa tornado on video. Let’s hope we don’t see another day like that again. If we do, the good news is that you can count on WHNT to keep you advised of severe weather.

I am a member of the National Weather Association and was the volunteer coordinator for the 2011 NWA National Conference in Birmingham. I am also a frequent contributor to the WeatherBrains Podcast, which features James Spann, Bill Murray, Brian Peters, Kevin Selle, and J.B. Elliott.

I am a proud father of three teenage sons!

I like talking weather with people! Connect with me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/bamawx and on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/bamawx!

Recent Articles
  • Veterans Day 2002 Outbreak in Alabama.  Map courtesy of NWS.

    2002 Veterans Day Tornado Outbreak

    The National Weather Service documented 83 tornadoes on Veterans Day weekend November 9-11, 2002 with 36 fatalities reported.  During the outbreak, tornadoes touched down in 17 states from Louisiana to Ohio.  Of the 83 tornadoes, twenty were rated F2, eight F3, and one F4.  This ranks as the second largest November tornado outbreak ever recorded.   A detailed description of the event and a synopsis of the response to it can be read in the NOAA Service Assessment.  It should be noted that all 36 fatalities occurred […]

  • IMG_3770 (2)

    Madison County Nature Trail Photos

    This past Sunday October 25th I took a stroll on the Madison County Nature Trail on Green Mountain in South Huntsville.  It was near “peak time” for seeing a variety of colorful leaves!  If you have never been on the trail, it is a very easy 1.25 mile walk and I highly recommend it.  Below is a gallery of the beautiful foliage I saw Sunday. If you have any photos of the beautiful fall foliage in the Tennessee Valley, please send them […]

  • Colorful Fall Foliage on the Way!

    The Tennessee Valley has reached that time of the year where the leaves have begun to change colors.  Fall foliage is beautiful here in the Valley every year but some years are more spectacular than others.  It remains to be seen exactly how this year will turn out, but the peak is roughly in late October through early November. Actually it is not technically correct to say that the leaves are changing color.  The yellow and red pigments that that […]

  • Huntsville Persimmons - 9/13/15

    Persimmon Seed Winter Prediction

    The WHNT Weather Blog, valleywx.com first brought you the story of how weather folklore tells us that winter weather can be predicted by examining the inside of a persimmon seed back in 2012. As a Huntsville native, I first heard of this as a child when my neighbor Richard Smart taught me that the type of winter weather we would experience could be predicted by taking a look inside a persimmon seed.  My family had a persimmon tree in our yard and we […]

  • 0624pm 071415

    WHNT Coverage of Tuesday’s Severe Weather

    This is WHNT News 19’s coverage of the severe weather event on Tuesday July 14, 2015.   It is unusual in July to have three tornadoes in one day, especially without it being associated with a tropical system. A line of severe storms moved south through the Tennessee Valley producing three tornadoes (EFO and EF1 in Colbert County and an EFO in Madison County), numerous reports of wind damage, frequent lightning, and very heavy rainfall.  Some of the storms reached as high […]

  • hot or cold

    Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold

    Yesterday I asked the following question on my Facebook page Bamawx and on my personal Facebook page: If you had to choose a day with a 100° heat index or a wind chill below 0°, which would you pick? There was quite a heated debate and quite a close contest among respondents.  As of last count on my page, the heat was preferred by 35 people and the cold was preferred by 31 people. What do you think?  Vote here or […]

  • Via Wikipedia

    Twentieth Anniversary of the Anderson Hills Tornado 5/18/95

    This killer tornado touched down three miles northwest of Athens, Alabama at 5:33 p.m.  It travelled just north of due east through eastern Limestone County and then into Madison County communities such as Harvest, Meridianville, and New Market, before ending near Princeton in northwest Jackson County at 6:28 p.m.  The tornado travelled a total of 39 miles across parts of Limestone, Madison, and Jackson counties and was on the ground 55 minutes. The tornado path was very narrow at the beginning […]

  • 1456003_10155374771910585_5661564991754641955_n

    Morgan County Lightning – 3/31/15

    The storms which rolled across the Tennessee Valley yesterday afternoon and evening produced many frequent lightning strikes.  I drove down to Morgan County and captured these lightning images between 9 and 11:30 pm. between Hartselle and Falkville.

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    Life Cycle of Mr. Snowman

    Have you ever wondered how long that snowman you built will last before it finally bites the dust, literally?  Last Wednesday’s 8.2″ snow in Huntsville gave me the opportunity to find that out for myself.  My son David Wilhelm built a 6′ 4″ snowman on the night of February 25th.  I have checked up on “Mr. Snowman”, as I call him, every day since.   The following gallery shows his “life cycle” over the past week. Since the snow started falling […]

  • 02192015

    Thursday Morning Lows – 2/19/15

    This morning was one of the coldest of the season.  Here is a list of some of the morning lows in the WHNT viewing area from NWS sites and NWS cooperative observers: 3 Winchester, TN 3 Fayetteville, TN 4 Valley Head 4 Monte Sano 5 Huntland, TN 5 New Market 6 Cherokee 6 Zip City 8 Madison 8 Florence 9 Albertville 9 Hazel Green 9 Scottsboro 9 Fort Payne 9 Decatur 9 Vinemont 9 Moulton 11 Huntsville International 11 Muscle […]