Wednesday’s Storms – Live Blog


The Severe Thunderstorm Watch has expired; heavy downpours continue moving east through the Tennessee Valley this evening, but no additional threats of strong storms are on the table. Heavy rain, wind gusts to 30 MPH, and occasional lightning/thunder are possible with storms through midnight.

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Jason Simpson May 14, 20141:47 pm

Heavy storms moving north from Etowah into DeKalb Counties are bringing torrential rain and frequent lightning; isolated heavier storms are moving north of US 72 into Southern Tennessee as of 1:47 PM.  No “severe weather” in progress right now.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20141:56 pm

Radar image at 1:56 PM – stronger storms moving into The Shoals by 4:00 PM…closer to I-65 by 6 PM.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20142:07 pm

An area of moderate to heavy rain is moving north through Cullman and eastern Morgan Counties right now. This will soon move into southern Madison and western Marshall Counties over the next hour; much heavier storms are over Jackson, DeKalb, and Etowah Counties.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20142:20 pm

Here’s a snapshot from our Jack’s camera in Rainsville showing very heavy rain coming down. We expect a strong line of storms with gusty winds to move through later this afternoon and evening.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20142:33 pm

We’re keeping a close eye on a strong line of storms approaching northwest Alabama. Part of the line seems to be bowing out near the Alabama/Mississippi border. Western Colbert and Lauderdale Counties will likely see gusty winds and heavy rain as this moves through.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20142:46 pm

Heavy rain and frequent lightning in the storms over DeKalb and Jackson Counties; none severe now, but some wind gusts over 30 MPH are possible.  Storms are moving NNE at about 30 MPH.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20142:49 pm

Lightning output is decreasing in the storms approaching NW Alabama.  Still some gusty winds and heavy rain coming in through 4 PM in The Shoals area!

Jason Simpson May 14, 20142:51 pm

Latest HRRR guidance showing the initial line of storms making to I-65 between 6 and 7 PM.  Severe threat is still there, but we expect a gradual decrease in storm intensity after 7 PM.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20143:14 pm

Severe Thunderstorm Watch remains in effect until 7 PM, but the storms moving into The Shoals are no as intense as they were an hour ago.  Heavy rain, gusty winds in the 25-35 MPH range, and some lightning are likely with the heavier storms through 4 PM.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20143:19 pm

Getting a few reports of minor wind damage near Nashville:

Local Storm Report by NWS OHX: 5 E Nashville [Davidson Co, TN] trained spotter reports TSTM WND DMG  at 01:30 PM CDT — a tree was blown down at a daycare center on Lebanon Road in Donelson. limbs were blown down across the Donelson area. winds were estimated around 50 mph.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20143:29 pm

Example of a quick, spin-up tornado here in Clay County, Alabama.  Tornado warning for areas near the Talladega/Clay County just west of Ashland.  This storm has had a history of producing damage near Alexander City.  It’s so far south that we do not expect this particular storm to impact northeastern Alabama (Marshall, Etowah, Cherokee, DeKalb or Jackson) even though it is moving North-Northeast.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20143:33 pm

Storms moving into NW Alabama are not severe, but there is still a chance they could intensify before reaching I-65 around 6-7 PM.  The Tornado-warned storm in Clay County will not impact the Tennessee Valley.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20143:43 pm

Strong storm in NW Marion Co. moving into Franklin County over the next half hour.  Gusty winds, heavy rain, and some hail are possible.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20143:51 pm

Line of storms headed toward US 43 in Marion, Franklin and Colbert Counties may bring wind gusts close to 50 MPH in spots.  Heavy rain, lightning, and a little small hail are possible as well.  Storms crossing US 43 by 4:20 PM.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20143:59 pm

Severe Thunderstorms are still *possible* this evening, but the heavier convection south of us is really helping to suppress the intensity of the current storms.  Strong winds & hail continue to be the main threats with storms this afternoon and evening.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20144:25 pm

Cold front sliding into NW Alabama now; once the wind shifts to the northwest, your severe weather threat is over.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20144:34 pm

Virtually no lightning showing up on the display now; rain is heavy, but it’s hard to call them storms when they’re not doing much storming.

NWS Huntsville is looking at clearing counties from the watch as the line moves east.  The Severe Thunderstorm Watch continues until 7 PM, but as these storms move into rain-cooled air in North-Central Alabama and Middle Tennessee, they should continue to weaken.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20144:55 pm

Updated timing info for arrival of heavier rain/thunderstorms.  Severe threat is marginal through the evening, but the winds are still gusty with this line!  Northwest Alabama Regional Airport gusted to 37 MPH at 4:29 PM.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20145:22 pm

Thankfully we’ve had no reports of severe weather at all this go around; the main dynamics are to the north, and those South Alabama storms are keeping things relatively quiet up this way.  Not so much in Ohio…

Jason Simpson May 14, 20145:40 pm

Heavy storms with very little lightning but some decent wind gusts (30-40 MPH) moving east at about 25-30 MPH toward I-65.  Athens by 6 PM, Decatur by 6:30 PM.  Huntsville 7-7:30 PM time of arrival.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20145:55 pm

Updated timeline on heavier storms – moving a little faster now, but still not “severe” by definition.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20146:23 pm

The line of rain and storms is rapidly weakening now.  There’s not much fuel for it because of the rain that fell in North Alabama and Middle Tennessee throughout the day.  Severe Thunderstorm Watch will expire at 7 PM; no additional severe weather expected beyond that expiration.

Jason Simpson May 14, 20147:02 pm

Severe Thunderstorm Watch expired at 7 PM…still some heavy rain around the area!

Jason Simpson May 14, 20148:17 pm

Check out the temperature plunge headed this way!  All of that cold air moves in behind tonight’s rain.  There is no additional severe weather threat – for forecast info going forward through the weekend and next week, see!