Rainy Start – Breezy & Cooler

Posted on: 3:58 am, April 15, 2014, by

Unfortunately, the clouds and rain kept the Tennessee Valley from seeing the Blood Moon this morning. Here is a photo from Jason Northup. This was taken in Kansas City, Kansas.




Light rain falls this morning, but the back edge is now moving through the Shoals just before 4am. Be prepared for wet streets this morning and at the bus stop. Another 0.10″ of an inch is possible. Nothing heavy and nothing severe today. Winds are gusting over 20 mph and will do that all day. Temperatures only reach the lower 50s this afternoon.




Changes are ahead in the form of drier air and colder temperatures. The clearing line is near Memphis this morning and colder temperatures are on the way. Expect morning lows Wednesday to dip below freezing for many areas. I’m forecasting 30° in Huntsville. Some of the cooler valleys and southern middle Tennessee drop into the middle to upper 20s. Take time to cover your plants before you go to bed tonight. Thankfully, the colder weather won’t last long. We’ll be in the upper 30s Thursday with milder weather after that.


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  • Dry Air Moving In

  • 30s Arrive Early Wednesday Morning

Here is the temperature trend over the next five mornings. Thursday morning won’t be as chilly as lows chill down into the upper 30s. A nice recovery is in the forecast later this week. We have a chance at a record low Wednesday morning. As Jason Simpson mentioned, the record is 30° back in 1962 and that’s what we are forecasting!






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