A Break from the Cold Soon


Rain moving through the region on Friday night totaled up to around a quarter to a half-inch by late evening, and as that rain moves out, colder air moves in again. This time, it’s a short cold snap; expect Saturday and Sunday to be very different days weather-wise!


Any water left on roads overnight (that isn’t dried off by the howling northwest wind) will be ice by morning as temperatures plunge into the low and middle 20s on Saturday morning.

That’s it for the cold weather for a while, though! Huntsville’s average temperature since January 1, 2014 has been about 6ºF below average. Like I always say when talking about averages, that’s a LOT of departure from the climatological normals.

The last time we had more than two consecutive days of 60-degree weather was December 19-22; we have only had FIVE occurrences of 60-degree temperatures since then. Winter is a season of wild swings, but it has been so cold that those “swings” took us from frigid to regular cold and back again.

The extreme weather eases up for at least the next 10 days or so. Check out the temperature trend through next week!


Just beyond that period, colder air spills south again. It could get pretty chilly again toward the end of February and first part of March. That’s good news and bad news depending on how you view it. Colder weather means less potential for severe weather, but a lack of warmth means the growing season starts a little later. It’s also bad news if you’re just looking for winter to finally be over!


That’s the CPC outlook for temperatures between February 22nd and 28th. The longer-range guidance from the European model suggests we will not be bitterly cold, but it might still be cold enough for another chance of some wintry weather before all is said and done. The pattern supports a series of cut-off upper-air lows developing in early March; those things can bring trouble with heavy rain, strong storms, and even snow this time of year. Enjoy the quieter weather for a few days; it gets interesting again for a lot of reasons (not just winter weather) over the next 2-3 weeks.

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