Ladybugs Swarming, and Kudzu Bugs Too (Photos Included)

We’ve had several phone calls, emails and tweets about all the ladybugs swarming around the Valley today.

We spoke with Madison County Extension Agent Kenneth Creel, and he told us these little pests are called “Asian Multicolored Ladybugs;” they are swarming because the weather has warmed up from last week’s chill, and they are looking for a place to ride out the winter…indoors.

So that’s why we have so many lady bugs all over Creation today!

NOTE: Earlier, we identified these bugs as a type of ladybug.  They aren’t.  We spoke with Kenneth Creel, showed him the picture, and he said these are kudzu bugs.

Bob Sentell, Jr.'s picture - We've learned these are kudzu bugs. Photo:@Commodore_Bob

Bob Sentell, Jr.’s picture – We’ve learned these are kudzu bugs. Photo:@Commodore_Bob

Creel said was actually very surprised to see them show up in north Alabama. He said he’s taken a few calls at the extension office about these, especially from Lauderdale County.

“If the only thing it did was attack kudzu, it would be perfect, but it doesn’t just do that,” said Creel.  “It attacks other legumes, though, like soybeans.”

We’ll explore the kudzu bug more in the coming days, and the potential damage it could do.  Are you seeing these kudzu bugs at your home? Tweet pictures to me or email them to  Please include your city.

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