Ladybugs Swarming, and Kudzu Bugs Too (Photos Included)

Posted on: 2:38 pm, October 29, 2013, by and , updated on: 10:18am, October 30, 2013

We’ve had several phone calls, emails and tweets about all the ladybugs swarming around the Valley today.

We spoke with Madison County Extension Agent Kenneth Creel, and he told us these little pests are called “Asian Multicolored Ladybugs;” they are swarming because the weather has warmed up from last week’s chill, and they are looking for a place to ride out the winter…indoors.

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  • Lisa Campbell, Brownsboro

  • lots of the lady bugs, and lots of wasps

  • Swarms of Lady Bugs were everywhere. These were in the shelter at our barn, 9 miles north of Pulaski, TN.

  • Russellville AL - Franklin County

  • Ladybugs at a home in Muscle Shoals

  • Ladybugs at a home in Muscle Shoals

  • Photo by Cathy Metzinger

  • Photo by Cathy Metzinger

  • Photo by David Stanford, Franklin County, AL

  • Photo by Crystal Bearden

  • Photo by Crystal Bearden

  • Photo by Cathy Metzinger, showing ladybugs on the brick exterior.

  • Photo by Cathy Metzinger, showing ladybugs on her porch ceiling.

  • Photo by Cathy Metzinger

  • Photo by Carson Clark - he says there are plenty of ladybugs in Marshall County.

  • Photo by Cathy Metzinger, showing ladybugs all over her front door.

So that’s why we have so many lady bugs all over Creation today!

NOTE: Earlier, we identified these bugs as a type of ladybug.  They aren’t.  We spoke with Kenneth Creel, showed him the picture, and he said these are kudzu bugs.

Bob Sentell, Jr.'s picture - We've learned these are kudzu bugs. Photo:@Commodore_Bob

Bob Sentell, Jr.’s picture – We’ve learned these are kudzu bugs. Photo:@Commodore_Bob

Creel said was actually very surprised to see them show up in north Alabama. He said he’s taken a few calls at the extension office about these, especially from Lauderdale County.

“If the only thing it did was attack kudzu, it would be perfect, but it doesn’t just do that,” said Creel.  “It attacks other legumes, though, like soybeans.”

We’ll explore the kudzu bug more in the coming days, and the potential damage it could do.  Are you seeing these kudzu bugs at your home? Tweet pictures to me or email them to  Please include your city.

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  • ann White says:

    They are everywhere! Is there anything we can do to get rid of them?

  • I live between Aroney and Rodentown and in the last 30 mins I have been invaded with them..its awful

  • Kay Frost says:

    Strange that I just saw this. There are lady bugs coming in my office in as I write this.

  • Nelda Crawford says:


  • we have them and they do bite occasionally, got bit on the arm by one, didnt feel too good.

  • Nelda Crawford says:


  • Gail Wright says:

    They’ve been in the Birmingham area all summer long.

  • Donny Letson says:

    I have never seen them flying in swarms like they are this year. It usually is not this bad in Hartselle.

  • Deb curington says:

    they are everywhere at my house..
    cullman al

  • they are everywhere at my house they even bite i live in albertville al

    • noel roe says:

      hey tasha. i’m looking forward to bethany and watching my three grand daughters grow up. funny i see your comment here we have been talking alot about her lately. i love yall and my girls with all my heart.

    • Tamara says:

      They definitely bite! I had a bunch fly in my windows of my car & noticed I was getting bites all on my arms & hands!-Calera, al

  • Sonya Gattis says:

    I hard that if a ladybug lands on u that its a sign of good news. Is this true?

  • nikki smitherman says:

    How can u get rid of them?

  • Lynn Taylor says:

    they are in Collinsville

  • Debra Lynch says:

    They are crawling all over outside of my office window right now!

  • Sharon Hood says:

    I live in Spruce Pine and we have been invaded with them! Can’t even go outside without them getting all over you ! What will kill these things! They have our house surrounded !!!

  • William Tisdale says:

    There in athens al. Rubbing alcohol kills then instantly

  • Lynn says:

    They are all over my back porch in Albertville…I was wondering what they were and why they were here…Thanks for posting.

  • Karen says:

    Ladybugs and Kudzu Bugs in Springville.

  • Jo Smith says:

    The front of our cabin is inundated with ladybugs, yellow jackets, and a smattering of kudzu bugs. Today is the first day this swarming has happened. Ocoee, TN

  • Hannah R. says:

    I’m in Hazel Green and they are covering my porch haha

  • Jason Mander says:

    They got my house surrounded in Athens.

  • Heather mason says:

    I left my door open for two minutes and my house was swarmed by ladybugs… they’re everywhere

  • Jean Clark says:

    Covering one corner of our house from top to bottom ….in Mentone, Alabama

  • Denise says:

    What we have in Fort Payne are Ladybugs. Thousands of them!!

  • Jessica says:

    They r in henagar al

  • lesa Slaton says:

    They are everywhere in my house. How do you kill them??

  • Judith Mason says:

    the ladybugs showed up on my door this morning now they are in my house. Help needed in Hartselle alabama

  • mary aka brats on fb says:

    Now you no how we feel in ny we just went threw a heavy frost lastnight and its gonna warm up and then get cold again cny 4 u

  • Ronnie Wicks says:

    We have swarms of them around our house in Sheffield, Alabama. Our Pest Control Co. has sprayed 3 times and it doesn’t even slow them down.

  • Jamare says:

    I’ve been wondering on why I kept seeing these bugs swarm around my room, and in the windows! It’s getting colder. Time for animals to go into hibernation, please.

  • jettie says:

    I,m in Albertville and I cant even walk out side with out them getting all over me.

  • Angie says:

    I have them surrounding my house in Somerville, AL

  • brenda says:

    They are all over the outside of my place and have stated coming in this evening. Really wish they would go away. Pelham TN.

  • malisa says:

    In rainbow city also,I saw at least 2000 on my house and in my window.

  • peter says:

    How do you kill them? They are terrible in elkmont

  • all over our house and out buildings last week it was yellow jackets got stung……….this week kudzu bugs……..thank goodness they don’t sting….Hillsboro, Tn

  • Teresa sharpley says:

    Swarm of these kudzu are all over the front doors at our funeral home here in,Decatur, ala. When will they be gone? We sprayed some pesticide. Killed them but more came back.. They land and then just pile up on each other. Gives me goosebumps.. Yulk…

  • Nelda Crawford says:


  • noel roe says:

    not only are these kudzu bugs all over my house but there is swarming giant red wasps all over the place…attacking red wasps. i got chased going to the mailbox running screaming swatting and stripping. i ran down the road and through mamas yard and back into my house. somehow i managed not to get stung. and i was seeing a red and black bug that looked like a stink bug. when i mushed it orange blood went everywhere…i’m hoping they go away soon.

  • sonya says:

    Our windows have so many in them we took down blinds and curtains

  • Becca says:

    In Douglas, AL. Too

  • Barbara says:

    We are covered up here to,,,cant even open the door without dozens coming in,,,Belvidere Tn

  • Karon Conklin says:

    cars and house covered with them in Alexandria,Alabama today.every time I opened a door a dozen or more got in

  • they are all over mt pleasant tenn.

  • says:

    jacksonville , alabama

  • Bridgett Armstead says:

    Seem like they be waiting on you to open the door and they come zooming in the house.

  • In Cullman, both bugs….

  • Ashleigh Ryan says:

    Picked 2 kudzu bugs off my husbands shirt today. They were all over my grandmothers rope swing. In Moundville and Tuscaloosa, AL

  • Ladybugs, also called lady beetles or ladybird beetles, are a very beneficial group. They are natural enemies of many insects, especially aphids and other sap feeders. A single lady beetle may eat as many as 5,000 aphids in its lifetime.

  • Jim Reid says:

    We have kudzu around, but it is ladybugs swarming all over the north and east side of the house, covering doors and windows and finding ways to get in, here in Gurley. It started yesterday and is much worse today. As many as have landed on surfaces, many more are swarming around in the air.

  • Melanie says:

    Bonnie, Illinois. I tried to tag you in a video on my facebook page but not sure that it went through.

  • Lisa says:

    Falkville/ Massey area has a lot.

  • Jennifer says:

    I’ve got tons of ladybugs surrounding my garage & car they are even inside my car. I haven’t been bitten by one in 51 years, thankful for that if they do bite. They are just tons of them outside…

  • Mary Allen says:

    Gardendale, AL….Jefferson County
    Windows on my house were covered today

  • heather okelley says:

    Killen Al

  • i came hm from work my man said our front pourch was covered wall n all so he got the leaf blower n blew them away but they came back.

  • michelle says:

    In Cedar Bluff the kudzu bugs are everywhere you can’t even open the doors without them coming in. They have been bad all summer very annoying and they smell bad if you get a bunch in a group

  • They have been here at Danville for several years. They are far worse this year. How do we get rid of them ?

  • Donald May says:

    there here in fayetteville tn

  • Warren Vann says:

    Covering the east side of my house on Guntersville Lake.

  • They are at my house in Guntersville Alabama

  • Lisa says:

    I live in Crossville, Al. And my house and trees are covered!

  • Allie says:

    Came home from school in Decatur with the kids and they were covering our house. They found a way into my daughter’s upstairs bedroom and the space between her window and storm window was FULL of them. We vacuumed for an hour and sucked up the dozens that were flying in her room and covering her ceiling. Sprayed around the windows and that stopped them coming in. Nasty little things. They were so bad outside we had them in our hair and they were flying up our noses and crawling inside our clothes. I will be glad to see these little beasts go!

  • Haley says:

    Apparently they stink very bad when you kill them!!! My boyfriend came in earlier saying something was crawling across his forehead and when he smashed it it smelled awful! Lol he thought it was a stink bug!!!!!!!!

  • Henry says:

    They are in south AL in Butler County, Kudzu Bugs and ladybugs

  • Shelba Cook says:

    They are in Henagar, Ala too !!!!
    And if you touch them., The Smell
    Is awful. !!!!!!

  • Jennifer Harfy says:

    They are in Fultondale Alabama. They bit me comming out of my house

  • brandy higdon says:

    I live in Grant, they are inside our house and they cover every window and door. You cant even walk outside for them!! I hope they leave soon!

  • Sharon Burden says:

    I saw them in Priceville @ my sister’s house. Thought they were ladybugs. I don’t know about the *other* kudzu bug. (?)

  • Regina says:

    House and porches are covered with these as well as the red wasps. Bought two cans of wasp spray and used it all!!

  • Someone said Alabama A&M were experimenting with them and they got out some how. Dont know how true this is.

  • Terri Thompson says:

    They are here in Ranburne Alabama. My house is covered and the air is thick with them.

  • Teresa Mead says:

    my pet grooming shop on Dominion Circle in Huntsville..there are thousands of’s the 2nd day to happen, both times around 2pm.. if you open the front door, they swarm in, they’re in your hair, clothing, car, etc..IT’S HORRIBLE !!!

  • james jordan says:

    There here by the thousands maybe the the millions. Never saw nothing like it. There even finding there way into the house. Pisted alot of pics on my fb page yesterday. Left windows cracked on truck only to finds hundreds inside wow this is ridiculous

  • Amanda says:

    I work in Trinity and on my way home (headed towards Decatur) yesterday afternoon, I ran right into a swarm of them. Never saw anything like that in my life! Had to turn on my windshield wipers and man, the smell was terrible!

  • susan johnston says:

    We live in Prattville,Al,between Birmingham and Montgomery.They are horrible here too,but thankfully we havent had many get inside.They are at their worst once the sun comes out.But as the day goes on,and the sun starts to set they diminish.

  • says:

    madsison, al

  • marquerita says:

    I live Chattanooga, TN and thought something had was wrong with my house. I call the pest control and found out this is a problem everywhere, even stated that some houses were worsen than mines, I couldn’t believe it! how can u get rid of them–pest control can’t help much

  • Lisa says:

    We have Kudzu bugs everywhere in Clay County!! They leave a very stinky odor on anything they touch. Don’t pick it up with your fingers! Oooooo

  • “Asian Multicolored Ladybugs;” ANYTHING from ASIA…is not good.
    KILL THEM. The ONLY good Ladybugs are the RED ones with little black dots on them.

  • Vicki Townsend says:

    These are called Asian Beatles. Not ladybugs. They like a sunny window. We have had them for years – showing up at certain times of the year. I noticed there weren’t as many this year. Maybe they are moving to another area of the country. And yes, they do bite and they are annoying. There is a spray that kills them. Initially, they were brought into the United States to get rid of aphids.

  • Vicki Townsend says:

    After looking closer at these “bugs”. They are not the Asian Beatles that I talked about earlier. I guess the Kudzu bugs are a newer bug. Yuck. I hope my area of the country don’t get these “critters” too.

  • Pam says:

    We have ladybugs here in Wheeling, WV. They have been swarming around for about 2 weeks now. You can’t even go out the door without them flying into the house.

  • Michael Coutts says:

    We get ladybugs every fall in Michigan as well as what we call a dogwood beetle which is probably what you call a kudzu beetle. The ladybugs are fond of aphids and are very benfical to our crops and flowers.

  • Ashley Deese says:

    Cullowhee, North Carolina……Kudzu bugs……..

  • Kathy Newton says:

    I came to Giles County TN 13 years ago and they have been a pest ever sense. You cannot do any fall work or paint outside because they fly into the paint and bite your skin too. They will find a way inside your house, no matter how tight your doors and windows are sealed. I have hornet and wasp sprays will kill them outside. Spray outside edges of windows and doors. Spray under the bottom of sliding because they came through the walls until they find a crack to get into your house, Use a vacuum to clean then off furniture and inside windows. They love light bulbs and then stick to the heat and then smell.

  • Sherry Shelton says:

    I have Kudzu but no bugs as yet. Actually, I never knew there were Kudzu bugs until now.

  • Ryan Sims says:

    We have yellow colored Ladybugs not red. What are they? Are they still ladybugs if they are not red? Moulton AL

  • Love says:

    Really, Those are not ladybugs. They are Asian-Beetles.They fly into houses in October, because of wintering, or hibernating. I Have TONS Of them in my window in my room at home, But, Really, They don’t hurt. Remember, they’re orange, with sometimes dots, and look like a ladybug, Lol.

  • holly benefield says:

    i live in cherry valley, arkansas. And their are these ladybugs or kadzu bugs everywhere. I was racking my yard and i was covered with them!

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