A Warming Trend then Some Storms

A Freeze Warning is up for the early part of Saturday morning, but after that, no more freezing weather is expected for a while.

A warming trend begins Saturday afternoon as a strong, cold area of high pressure slips east of us. Another weak cool front will drop through here on Sunday, but all it will do is bring some clouds and give us another shot of dry weather for a few days. Dry air tends to heat and cool efficiently, so expect a fairly large range in temperature early next week: 40s early, 70s in the afternoons (more specifics at WHNT.com/Weather).


Warmer air means a slow increase in humidity on Wednesday into Thursday, and if we get enough humid air this far north, there is a chance that some strong or severe storms could develop on Thursday as another cold front moves through the Tennessee Valley.

{Begin Rant} – So, when you see some ridiculous, bone-headed, all-caps, alarmist statement on Facebook like this:


You should understand that yes, there may be some risk, but no, we cannot say with any degree of confidence whether there will be a *significant* severe weather threat or not. Anyone can guess, and occasionally that guess might be right…but things like that are just plain irresponsible and unnecessary. {End Rant}

Don’t cancel any outdoor plans for Halloween just yet; there is a lot of uncertainty as to the timing and over-all intensity of the storm system. We will be refining the forecast and giving you clearer details as the system comes into focus over the next 3-4 days.

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  • Matt Gristina

    At least we now know that the reason some watches and warnings aren’t heeded is because they weren’t liked enough on Facebook.

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