Sunshine Takes Over

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After some early morning rainfall, mostly sunny skies move in! Things are looking good from our Jack’s Camera Network and from Athens State University around 11:30am.


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  • Downtown Huntsville

  • Florence

  • Athens


Temperatures are warming up as well. Monday’s highs were held down thanks to cloud cover and showers. With plenty of sunshine today, temperatures warm into the upper 80s to near 90. We are already past highs from yesterday in a few spots and it’s not even noon!




Now to the drier and pleasant weather ahead. This morning it was warm and muggy with temperatures in the middle 70s and dewpoints in the lower 70s. That’s all about to change! Drier slowly builds into the Tennessee Valley this early afternoon and that translates to cooler overnight lows. The current dewpoints in northern Alabama are already in the upper 60s. Low readings are further north and west. That is where our air comes from the days ahead. We’ll have several mornings starting Wednesday morning with lows in the middle 60s. Some of the low-lying areas and southern middle Tennessee dip into the middle to upper 50s. The coolest morning in Huntsville will be Friday morning.




Dewpoints in Springfield and St Louis are in the upper 50s to lower 60s. That’s what’s heading our way.


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