Storms Ending; Beautiful Sky Shots

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Heavy thunderstorms come to an end tonight leaving some communities with over three inches of rain in the past 36 hours; we’ve got a few dry days ahead as we detail at, but there could be more storms similar to these by Sunday and Monday.

Often when we get these heavy storms, there is just enough thinning of the clouds to give us some gorgeous sky shots! There’s no shortage tonight:

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  • Rainbow Mountain Sunset from Jeff Silvaggi

  • Mike Whisante - Sunset lightning

  • Rainbow in Madison - Mary

  • Shelia Black - Bunker HIll, TN

  • Shelia Black - Bunker HIll, TN

  • Dustin Mitchell - Anderson Rainbow

  • Athens - Rainbow from Kayla Sutton

  • Behind the storm in Capshaw - Van Elbert McHalffey

  • M Derrick Gray - Lauderdale Co Sunset

  • Kathy Miskivish - Madison rainbow

  • Billy D. Mason - Anderson Rainbow

  • Madison Rainbow

  • Glenn Colwell - Rainbow

  • Gurley Shelf Cloud - Doug Keel

  • Shelf Cloud in Arab from Tina Upton

  • Guntersville shelf cloud - Michelle Edge

Check out this time lapse from the Jack’s Camera Network site up at the Guntersville Lodge just northeast of downtown on the lake!

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