Rain Relenting for Some but Chances Continue

Posted on: 2:41 pm, July 6, 2013, by

The bulk of the rain has shifted into roughly the eastern 1/3rd of the Tennessee Valley this afternoon, granting a reprieve to those hardest hit areas further west. Thankfully, showers have been mainly light to moderate as of late, with little-to-no convection (thunderstorms) to produce widespread heavy downpours, and this has kept the flooding potential down a bit. Occasional heavy thunderstorms may be possible during the next few hours, but the shield of widespread rain currently affecting our area should gradually break up later this afternoon or evening.

Radar at 2:38PM

Radar at 2:38PM

Just because the rain has ended in some locations, doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t see more in these areas later today and tonight. As they upper-level storm system that has been responsible for our recent soggy weather lifts further north, the showers may also shift west or north. We are not expecting rain totals going further to be on the scale of what we experienced over the past Thursday, but with the ground already saturated and many streams running high, even moderate amounts of additional rain could pose some localized flooding problems.

It looks like the rain will much more sporadic and shorter-lived for tomorrow, and we may even see some sun by tomorrow afternoon!


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