Passing Clouds, a Super-Moon, and a Slim Rain Chance


An upper-level disturbance is situated above the Tennessee Valley tonight, providing a ring of thunderstorm activity around the region, while we remained dry through the day on Saturday.


A few solitary thunder showers have managed to develop in Southern Tennessee with the setting sun, and a stray shower cannot be ruled out tonight, but most locations will just see a mild an humid evening.


Radar at 9:25. Showers almost stationary with just a slight SW drift.

Above our heads tonight will be a special full-moon known as the “Super Moon.” This is the term that describes the full Moon that occurs at the same time that the Moon and the Earth are closest together. The difference will not be dramatic, but you may notice a slightly brighter, bigger moon tonight. Clouds will be passing by, but most should have at least some opportunity to glimpse this phenomenon, which occurs about every 14 months.