What a Difference 24 Hours Makes!


Today was one of the warmest days of 2013 so far, with record heat in parts of the plains!  Huntsville had it’s third warmest day so far reaching 85°, along with Muscle Shoals warming to 86°!  Average high temperatures in mid May should be around 80°, so we were actually above average for this time of year after such an unseasonably cool start to May.

While it was warm here, triple digit heat was reported in eastern sections of Nebraska, western parts of Iowa and southwestern portions of Minnesota.  Sioux City, Iowa hit 106° degrees this afternoon, shattering their previous record high for the day which was 97° and setting a new record high for the month of May.  Below is a map showing the 24-hour temperature change from 3:00 pm today, compared to 3:00 pm Monday, showing that some locations, especially in the Midwest were 15° to near 30° warmer than the respected time yesterday.


The trough that brought the cooler and drier air that allowed some communities of the Tennessee Valley to dip into the mid 30s Monday morning has quickly shifted east. Southerly flow has returned to the region, thanks to a large ridge of high pressure that expands over a large portion of the central and eastern United States.

All that warmer air to our west is headed our way over Wednesday.  High temperatures Wednesday will be again be in the mid to upper 80s. It will start to feel more sticky as moisture increases, thanks to a southerly wind that will persist over the coming days. As an upper air disturbance moves overhead, small rain chances Thursday and Friday may briefly cool a few spots, but highs are still expected to reach into the mid 80s.

– Jennifer Watson

Twitter: @JWatson_Wx

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