Warming Trend – Not Too Far From 90s?


Monday and this morning were very pleasant for us in the Tennessee Valley. Enjoy it now, because we aren’t far off from hot air and a steamy summer! This very well could be the last stretch of consistently cooler weather. Barring one or two storm systems or a remnant tropical storm, widespread 90s and high humidity are close by. Details on that in just a moment. First, here is the 24 hour temperature change from Monday. We started yesterday in the 30s and 40s. This morning we are in the 40s and 50s. As much as 10° warmer!



Look at all of the heat out west. Hard to believe just a couple of weeks ago this same region was digging out from several inches of snowfall. Now, record highs fall! Pierre, South Dakota, hit 93°. Parts of Montana were in the middle 90s setting records. Part of that warmer air pushes eastward bringing our highs into the lower to middle 90s.



Here is the temperature trend over the next 5 days. Readings average at or above our seasonal average of 80°. The lower temperatures Thursday and Friday are because of a chance of rain.




 Now to the heat!  We aren’t far off from sweating it out! Here’s how the last few years have panned out with hotter temperatures:

  • 2012: We had highs in the 90s from May 24th through May 30th including a high of 96°. Also highs of 95 (2 Days) and a high of 94 as well.
  • 2011: Our first day with highs in the 90s occurred on May 21st. (92°)
  • 2010: First 90° Day: May 23rd. (95°)
  • Note: In 2011, we had a stretch of 20 days in a row from May 28th to June 16th were we hit 90° or higher in Huntsville including making it to 98° three times!

Get ready!!!