A Chilly Night, More Rain and Storms Tomorrow


A mix of clear skies and clouds is being seen across the Tennessee Valley as we move deeper into an unusually chilly night. Isolated showers are lingering, but the heaviest rain has now moved east of the area.

Radar at 10:20PM

Radar at 10:20PM

The upper-level low will provide additional rain chances tonight, though most will only see a slim chance for a light passing show. Those living close to the Mississippi line with have the highest odds of seeing moderate rain from midnight to 6am tomorrow.

Chance for moderate (0.1" or more) rain at a given location from midnight through 6AM

Chance for moderate (0.1″ or more) rain at a given location from midnight through 6AM

The big story tonight will be the unusually chilly temperatures with many areas having a good chance of seeing lows in the 30’s by sunrise Sunday. Fog will be possible with this combination of moist atmosphere and cool temperatures. Isolated frost cannot be ruled out, but a damaging frost event is not expected.


After this chilly start, we’ll warm more quickly than we did Saturday, and as the center of the upper-low moves across the region, more widespread showers and storms are likely. Severe weather isn’t likely, but some storms may produce hail thanks to a cold atmosphere aloft. Everyone in the Tennessee Valley will have a good chance for seeing rain tomorrow, but the best chance for longer lasting and heavy storms tomorrow afternoon looks to be for our eastern and southern counties.

Odds of seeing more than 0.1" of rain from noon Sunday thru 6pm.

Odds of seeing more than 0.1″ of rain from noon Sunday thru 6pm.

Race fans: Showers will likely be passing through the Talladega area tomorrow, but a washout isn’t a foregone conclusion. I anticipate a 60% an official race will be completed, leaving a 40% chance it will be postponed to Monday.