Radar Updates


Frequent radar updates on storms as they move east across the Valley this Friday morning…

Brandon Chambers April 19, 20133:47 am

Storms continue their eastward progress… producing heavy rain and gusty winds.. No warnings in effect .

Brandon Chambers April 19, 20133:28 am

All warnings for the TN Valley have been allowed to expire… heavy thunderstorms with gusty winds continue to push east into Jackson and DeKalb counties

Brandon Chambers April 19, 20133:01 am

Pocket of higher winds embedded in the line moving near Langston in Southern Jackson County

Brandon Chambers April 19, 20132:54 am

The highest winds in this line are now passing east of Guntersville

Brandon Chambers April 19, 20132:51 am

Rough estimates of storm arrival.. some sections capable of producing gusts to 60mph

Brandon Chambers April 19, 20132:40 am

New large t’storm warning for DeKalb, Jackson, and Marshall Counties until 3:00AM… winds over 60mph possible.. moving east at 35mph

Brandon Chambers April 19, 20132:33 am

Line of storms continues to progress east… only severe t’storm warnings remaining are for Jackson County, AL and Franklin County TN… most likely will continue to slowly weaken over the next couple of hours

Brandon Chambers April 19, 20132:20 am

The line of storms now moving out of Lincoln County, TN into Franklin County, TN.. new severe t’storm warning issued for Lincoln, Moore, and Franklin Counties in TN.

Brandon Chambers April 19, 20132:18 am

New severe t’storm warning for eastern Madison County, Jackson County, and Franklin (TN) County… for possible winds up to 60mph Movement is ne at 45mph

Brandon Chambers April 19, 20132:04 am

Overview of strong to now severe storms making their way across the Valley this morning… main threats is for winds up to 60mph.. individual storms are moving NE at around 45mph… the entire line pushing east at about 30-35mph

Brandon Chambers April 19, 20131:59 am

The severe warned storm approaching western marshall co, from Southern Morgan, Eastern Cullman

Brandon Chambers April 19, 20131:56 am

Up close look at section of severe warned storm moving through Huntsville from ARMOR radar

Brandon Chambers April 19, 20131:55 am

T’storm warning for Lincoln and Moore Counties in TN until 2:45AM for winds up to 60mph.. moving NE at 55mph

Jason Simpson April 19, 20131:43 am

Severe t’storm warning now in effect for Madison County including Huntsville until 2:15AM for possible winds to 60mph… moving ne at 45mph

Brandon Chambers April 19, 20131:41 am

Severe T’storm warning for gusts to 60mph for Culman Southern Morgan and Western Marshall.. moving east at 30mph

Jason Simpson April 19, 20131:33 am

Recent scan from ARMOR of the segment of storms currently under a severe t’storm warning. Wind gust up to 60mph possible as it moves east at 45mph

Brandon Chambers April 19, 20131:19 am

T’Storm warning for Limestone, Madison, Morgan Counties until 2AM Moving east at 45mph.. gusts to 60mph or above possible

Brandon Chambers April 19, 20131:03 am

A look at the thin line of embedded non-severe storms moving east at ~40mph from ARMOR. Expect gusty winds until the storms arrive and heavy rain and occasional lightning as they pass through.

Brandon Chambers April 19, 201312:40 am

12:40AM: A thin line of non-severe storms continues to move east at about 40mph… gusty winds not associated with the line will persist ahead of the rain. Lingering rain will last for hours behind the main line.