Severe Weather Live Blog: April 11, 2013

Posted on: 12:29 pm, April 11, 2013, by , updated on: 05:03pm, April 11, 2013

We’ll be posting frequent updates on the unfolding severe weather situation around the region here throughout this afternoon and evening. Check back often for the latest information.

Brandon Chambers April 11, 201312:34 pm

Radar at ~12:30PM… individual storms moving northeast at 40mph, but the line is making slow eastward progress. No warnings. Tornado watch in effect until 7:00PM

Brandon Chambers April 11, 20131:10 pm

Still no warnings in effect for the TN Valley.. heavy t’storms with gusty winds making slow progress east. Tornado watch in effect for portions of the WHNT viewing area until 7:00PM this evening.

Claire Aiello April 11, 20131:21 pm

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Jason Simpson April 11, 20131:22 pm

The supercell that has produced a long history of damage and one fatality in Mississippi is moving northeast at about 50 MPH. This storm is isolated and it is riding the northern edge of the higher-dewpoint air (higher instability).

That unstable air is moving north; we may have to deal with this storm between 3 and 5 PM in Winston, Lawrence, Morgan and/or Cullman Counties. That’s obviously a long way off, but it’s something we’re watching closely.

Brandon Chambers April 11, 20132:08 pm

Radar at 2:00PM.. Heavy storms producing lightning, heavy rain, and occasional gusty winds. Very slow eastward movement. 15-20mph. No active warnings for the WHNT viewing area.

Jason Simpson April 11, 20132:17 pm

Severe weather threat ending soon for The Shoals area; temperatures are dropping quickly and the wind is from the northwest. Severe weather threat continues in Marion, Winston, Franklin, Colbert, and Limestone Counties and all points east.

Brandon Chambers April 11, 20132:39 pm

The tornado watch has been cancelled for Colbert, Franklin(AL), and Lauderdale Counties… and has been expanded to included Franklin(TN), DeKalb, and Jackson Counties until 7PM. No active warnings in effect for the Valley

Jason Simpson April 11, 20132:51 pm

Jason Manset in Moulton (@jmanset_2 on Twitter) tells us that the rain is extremely heavy but the wind is actually stronger before the thunderstorms arrive. That’s good news for now. He sent us this photo of a ragged, low cloud – it’s likely “scud” associated with the cooling effect of the rain. Use #valleywx if you’re tweeting us!

Claire Aiello April 11, 20133:00 pm

This is a list of tornado shelters in north Alabama. We’ve added several new locations, too, thanks to your tips throughout the day. Please make sure you have a safe location for your family. Many of these shelters are open now:

Brandon Chambers April 11, 20133:12 pm

Severe T’storm warning for Lawrence and Morgan Counties until 3:45PM. Storm is moving NE out of winston county at 40mph. Winds greater than 60mph possible.

Brandon Chambers April 11, 20133:19 pm

Claire Aiello April 11, 20133:57 pm

Photo by Sean Callahan of the storm in Limestone County, near the airport. (Submitted via the WHNT Facebook page.) Thank you for the photo, Sean.

Claire Aiello April 11, 20134:00 pm

A portion of Limestone County is under a Tornado Warning until 4:15pm. Our live, continuous weather coverage continues on WHNT, WHNT2 and

Jason Simpson April 11, 20134:29 pm

Tornado warning and severe thunderstorm warning is in effect for Madison County; Severe thunderstorm warning extends into Jackson County until 5:15 PM. No significant damage has been reported in Limestone, Morgan or Madison Counties. There has been a report of damage and an injury from this complex when it came through Winston County earlier.

Jason Simpson April 11, 20135:03 pm

Damage photos from Shane Walker – Lasted 30 secs. Took out some big trees. SE HSV just north of Lily Flagg.
Power out.

Brandon Chambers April 11, 20135:11 pm

A look at radar at 5:10PM… severe T’storm warnings continue for Jackson, DeKalb, and Marshall Counties. High winds over 60mph are the main threat. Also, watch out for street flooding.

Jason Simpson April 11, 20135:27 pm

This is what the severe storms look like on the front end before they get to you. Severe thunderstorm warnings remain in effect for Jackson, DeKalb and Marshall Counties.: (from @TerriMonroe11 on Twitter in Rainsville)

Brandon Chambers April 11, 20135:37 pm

The only severe t’storm warning in effect for the WHNT viewing area is NE Jackson and Northern DeKalb until 5:45PM for the potential for winds over 60mph

Jason Simpson April 11, 20135:53 pm

Severe thunderstorm warnings have expired, but there is still a risk of severe weather in eastern Jackson, most of DeKalb, Etowah and Cherokee Counties in North Alabama. The risk of severe storms will end by 7:00 PM in these counties. There is no more severe weather coming behind this line:

Jason Simpson April 11, 20136:06 pm

This is a view from S. Memorial Parkway in Huntsville when the severe storm was coming through South Huntsville. It looks like a tornado, but it is actually a view looking from north to south toward Walmart on Mem’l Pkwy. I believe it’s a shelf cloud. Thanks to Amanda Smith (@ayeksmith) for the Twitpic.

Jason Simpson April 11, 20136:33 pm

We’re still watching for any signs of severe weather in DeKalb, far east Jackson, Etowah, and Cherokee Counties in North Alabama. Everyone else is in the clear except for some light/moderate showers for the next 2-4 hours. This is the view from Fort Payne on Lookout Mountain from Jenna Wright (@ALshortie)

Brandon Chambers April 11, 20136:39 pm

That National Weather Service will be going out tomorrow to survey the damage that occurred today over South Huntsville to determine if the damage was caused by a tornado or straight line winds.