Easter Weekend Rain Potential

Rain is on the way!

The odds of getting wet this Easter weekend are good, but when should you expect the rain to arrive? It will not rain the entire weekend, and now we are starting to see the timing of the showers better since we are closer to the actual beginning of the rain.


What you see above is basically the chance of getting a tenth of an inch or more in a single 24-hour period. We’re going to get a lot more than just a tenth of an inch, but sometimes it can be difficult to convey the message of how much comes and how long it lasts.

Here’s a look at the chance of specifically a tenth of an inch of rain on Friday across the Tennessee Valley in two time periods: Midnight to Noon and Noon Friday to Midnight.

So, the best chance of rain on Friday morning/midday is in The Shoals; even there, it’s not likely to be all that heavy. Showers spread east across the rest of the Tennessee Valley Friday afternoon and evening setting up a rainy night in The Shoals, Huntsville, Decatur, Athens, and the rest of the region. Around a quarter-inch of rain is possible Friday night into Saturday morning.

The timing of showers gets a little fuzzy for Saturday and Sunday.

The RPM forecast model suggests the potential for a line of intense thunderstorms to our west Saturday morning; this is the 72-hour forecast valid 1 PM Saturday:

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 5.31.13 PM

Ahead of that, we would likely be dealing with just some scattered showers through Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon; the rain chance is high at 60% for the entire day. That does not mean it rains ALL DAY, though. There will be some periods, especially in the morning and midday, that are rain-free.

If you have egg hunts or any other outdoor plans, don’t cancel them yet. Just be aware of the fact that scattered showers may pass overhead at times. We’ve got some great applications that can keep you on top of the situation even when the weather isn’t severe: WHNT Mobile Applications. You can see radar and get the latest updates from the weather blog there on the WHNT News 19 App, and you can see streaming radar on Live Alert 19!

Sunday is looking rather wet – especially in the morning. Sunrise services may need to be moved indoors. Rain is likely for the first half of Sunday until a cold front passes by the Tennessee Valley; some thunderstorms are possible as well, but no severe storms are expected. Once the front moves south of us, the wind will shift to the northwest and drier air takes over for about 24 hours. More rain is likely Monday night through Tuesday.

Over the next seven days, we’re looking at around an inch to two inches of rain in all (WPC 7-day Rainfall):


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