Weekend Severe Weather Forecast Update

This unsettled weather pattern that brought sleet and rain to the Tennessee Valley Thursday night and Friday morning has a few more tricks up it’s sleeve before it moves past us this weekend. That means “not-so-great” news for outdoor plans and activities going on either Saturday or Sunday.

First of all, Saturday’s chance of rain is best in the morning and in the evening; the middle of the day will not be rain-free, but showers should thin out around Huntsville and The Shoals from 10 AM to about 4 PM. Rain is still fairly likely around US 278 through that timeframe, so don’t expect it to be totally dry for any prolonged time on Saturday. In that same line of thinking, it is not going to rain the entire day either. Here’s how the chance of rain will work in Huntsville:


The best news I can give you for Saturday is that there is no real expectation of severe storms in this area; farther south, there is at least some risk of strong or severe storms. If you are traveling into South Alabama toward the coast, watch out for some heavy storms:


That slight risk does nose up into Franklin, Morgan, Marion, Winston and Cullman Counties in North Alabama, though. Here’s how the outlooks break down on Saturday and Sunday for the Tennessee Valley:

Those heavier storms move north into the southern part of the Tennessee Valley Sunday morning (Blount, Cullman, Etowah, Cherokee, Marshall and DeKalb Counties). Here’s the RPM forecast for early Sunday morning around 4 AM and 3:30 PM:

The RPM is the only model showing this possibility of afternoon storms. Everything else has us clearing in the middle of the day with colder air following. ┬áIf those storms do develop, that’s where the Tennessee Valley will have some trouble. Since it is uncertain right now, we will leave it as a chance and recommend that you stay in touch this weekend!

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