Big Booms in Huntsville

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There was a lot of buzz about the three big “booms” in Huntsville this morning; they were explosions at Redstone Arsenal. The low clouds and shallow cold air mass in place caused the sound to be amplified at little more than usual in the city.

The blasts were enough to rattle the ground a little, too!

From Steve Jones at (Twitter & Facebook):

 - here is the seismic signature that I captured at my seismic station in Southeast Huntsville, of some "booms" that many folks no 
doubt heard from the direction of Redstone Arsenal a little while 
ago this about 9:25 am, we heard three groups of 
detonations (see image #1), each of which appears to convey the 
ground pulse from several separate detonations (see image #2, 
close-up of the middle pulse group)...
Steve Jones -

Steve Jones –

Steve Jones -

Steve Jones –

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