Chapman Elementary Kidcam!

This morning I got to visit with the Second Grade at Chapman Elementary in Huntsville, and I even got to spend a little extra time with five of these students in the library. They helped us with a special, fun project that you’ll see on WHNT News 19 in coming weeks!

These students know their stuff when it comes to weather! They know all about the water cycle, and the number one question they had for me was “what does it take to make a weather forecast?” They also asked if I like my job to which I responded, “absolutely! it’s great!” Chapman is a great school at the foot of Chapman Mountain, and you can tell these folks work hard to make it that way. Ms. Sara Arszman invited me out to visit this group; she is student teaching at Chapman right now, so thanks for the hospitality!

I’ll be visiting at Moulton Middle School on Friday!

If you would like to schedule a visit at your school, just contact us here: You can also contact me via social media listed below my signature.

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