Weekend Snow?

Saturday morning

There is chatter about the potential for snowfall in the Tennessee Valley in the coming days. First of all, there is plenty of time to watch this system. Changes will be made as we get closer to the weekend. Make sure to check back with http://www.valleywx.com

It’s mild now, but colder temperatures move in Thursday through the weekend. Several disturbances track through the area increasing our chance of sprinkles, flurries, and yes, light snow. Right now, Thursday’s system appears to be the weakest. A few flurries are possible especially across southern Middle Tennessee and northern Cumberland Plateau. Late Friday into Saturday is when the strongest disturbance moves in. This is the GFS model and here is a breakdown of what each panel is showing:

  • Note: This is one run of one model, the GFS. This is subject to change as we get closer to the weekend.


Panel 1 – Valid Friday evening at 6pm.

Friday Evening

Panel 1 is relative humidity valid at 6pm Friday. North Alabama is around 60%-70% (blue shades), while southern middle Tennessee holds around 70%-80%. That could be enough moisture to produce light snow or flurries for this time. Moving ahead in time:

Panel 2 Valid Saturday Morning at 6am.

Saturday morning

This looks interesting. The relative humidity jumps to 80%-90% at this time. According to this model, light snow will fall in the Tennessee Valley early Saturday morning. Accumulation is a tough call at this point, but right now, a dusting up to an inch is possible especially over southern middle Tennessee. Again, this is subject to change.

Note: This is one aspect of one model. There are several models to look at including the European and other parts of the atmosphere to explore before making a snow forecast. It could be interesting this weekend!