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Williams Middle School Kidcam!

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Monday morning I got to visit with the Sixth Grade at Williams Middle School in Southwest Huntsville! They were pretty geared up for a Monday, and I enjoyed spending some time with them talking about meteorology and getting to know them. There are probably a lot of future engineers and maybe even a few future meteorologists in the crowd:

Some of them told stories about being involved in tornadoes on April 27, 2011 not just here in Madison County, but many of them either had first-hand experience with a tornado in Tuscaloosa or Birmingham; some had relatives that were impacted, so the talk of tornadoes brought up some fear at times.

One of the things I always like to say is that there’s a big difference between fear and respect. It’s okay if you have a healthy fear of storms, but understanding the natural power and respecting it will take you a lot farther than fear and panic. After seeing some of the damage caused by storms, I think they really got a good understanding of what it takes to protect yourself when the weather turns ugly.

I’ve got a busy week ahead! Holly Pond Elementary is on the list for tomorrow; then I go to Fort Payne to Wills Valley Elementary on Wednesday, and I’ll be at Woodville Elementary in Jackson County on Thursday. Who knows what Friday may hold! The last few Fridays I’ve had some pleasant surprise visitors at the station!

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