Up & Down Temperatures


It’s getting to that time of year where temperatures can’t make up their mind. With March just around the corner, spring tries to make an early appearance, while winter says, “Not so fast.” It’s important to know that a wide variety of temperature fluxes are possible for the rest of February through March. Recall the “Blizzard of 1993?”

Here is the change in the jetstream you’ll see over the next several days. This weekend, we’ll start on the mild side. Notice a ridge of high pressure to our south over the southeast Gulf of Mexico and Florida. (orange and yellow). That is warmer air, while the colder temperatures stay to the north Saturday and Sunday. This means highs warm nicely into the lower 60s.


But alas, it’s February which means warmer just doesn’t last. The upper ridge in the Gulf of Mexico yields to a trough of low pressure next week allowing temperatures to tumble back into the 40s. The blue indicates colder air pressing in late Monday into Tuesday.


Expect a 15°-20° temperature swing as we close out February. Remember March is the climatological start to the severe weather season in north Alabama and southern middle Tennessee.