Gravity Wave/Wake Low Event Tonight


10:50 PM Update
The gusty winds are now expanding southwest through Morgan and Cullman Counties. This gusty wind event will spread across almost all of the Tennessee Valley through 1:00 AM. Gusty winds to 40 MPH are possible; winds will be sustained around 20 to 30 MPH for about 30 to 50 minutes as the wave moves east of any one location:


Original entry:

Gusty winds accompanying an apparent gravity wave/wake low are kicking up some conversation in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee!

The Madison County Executive Airport had a wind gust to 33 MPH, Huntsville and Winchester both gusted to 28 MPH as of 10:38 PM.

These winds are not “severe,” but they will definitely rock you out the bed by blowing around garbage cans, patio furniture and snapping small tree branches. Occasionally, sustained winds in the 20-40 MPH range like this can blow trees down when the ground is wet (like it is tonight).


The highest winds will occur in Madison, Jackson, northern DeKalb, Franklin (TN), Lincoln (TN), and Moore Counties through midnight.

Again, severe weather is not expected tonight; this is a non-thunderstorm wind event that will do little more than cause some wind gusts close to 30 or 40 MPH.

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