A Weak Cold-Front Gets Some Reinforcement

You wouldn’t know it looking at the temperature map tonight, but a weak cold-front is draped across the Tennessee Valley, bringing the first brush of colder and drier air. The best way to discern these subtle boundaries is to look at a map of moisture values such as dew point temperatures. This is because its the moisture content of that is one of the truest measures that distinguish between air masses of different densities, not temperature.

Dew Point

10:00 PM dew point temperatures. The green colors represent slightly higher moisture values compared to the tan to blue colors. The color table in this image has been compressed to highlight the subtle contrast north and south of a cold-front.

Much colder and drier air resides behind the front and will be pushed further south with an increasing north wind tomorrow. We’re expecting temperatures to remain in the 40’s for much of the Tennessee Valley tomorrow despite sunny skies, and with progressively drier and colder moving into the area Monday night, we’ll be in store for a very cold start Tuesday morning.

Regional Temps


Our next best chance for rain arrives Friday. For an update when the rain should arrive and how cold it will get behind the precipitation, check out WHNT’s forecast page.

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