Gorgeous Saturday!


After a mess of wintry precipitation earlier in the week, this weekend is shaping up to be one of the nicest we have seen in awhile!  High temperatures later on this afternoon will mostly warm into the mid 50s, around five degrees above average for mid January.  Thanks to high pressure, centered off to our east, a southerly wind will persist today, which will aid in the warm up.  Check out this beautiful shot from our Jack’s camera in downtown Florence, below that are 10:00 am temperatures.



Enjoy the mild temperatures today, because they will not last for long.  A cold front will sag south of the area Sunday, it will not bring any precipitation, but it will bring a blast of cold arctic air.  We will wake up to temperatures Sunday morning in the low to mid 30s, though with some cold air already starting to filter into southern middle Tennessee, they may only warm into the upper 40s. Across North Alabama highs are still expected to reach into the low to mid 50s. The brunt of the cold air will not move in until Sunday night and into Monday.  Temperatures will likely be in the 20s Monday morning to start off the work week and will only reach into the upper 30s and low to mid 40s at best Monday afternoon.

By Tuesday morning, temperatures will have plummeted into the teens for most.  Wind chills could be in the single digits.  High temperatures Tuesday afternoon will only warm into the low to mid 30s, with most only briefly warming above freezing.  Temperatures will dip into the 20s Wednesday morning, before temperatures start to moderate some Wednesday afternoon. Rain chances come into the forecast towards the end of the week, but no wintry precipitation is expected.

– Jennifer Watson

Twitter: @JWatson_Wx

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