Improving Conditions this Evening


The snow is ending quickly west of Guntersville and Albertville, and is a “bust” for northern Jackson County. Through 5 PM, only a few spots will get more than an inch of snow in Northeast Alabama:


We’ve said all week that there are surprises with upper lows. The two biggest surprises were the small area of eastern Lauderdale County around Green Hill north to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee where about 2-3″ of snow fell, and where the snow just basically stopped in the valleys from downtown Huntsville east into Jackson County. Over-all, the forecast was a success, but there were certainly some areas that did not quite get to expectations due to the spotty nature of the snow east of Huntsville.

For those of you who didn’t get snow or are already missing it since it’s melting so fast, here are some of the photos we got today!

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