Clearing, Colder, Patchy Ice Possible

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The sky is clearing now, and the snow (for those of us who got it) is melting. Soil temperatures are still in the 30s and 40s today in spite of the snow. That’s why it melted so fast when it stopped falling. A beautiful sunset came after the snow, too! Here’s a look from Athens thanks to Megan Jadea (@meganjadea) on Twitter.

Megan Jadea

Megan Jadea

There were some real surprises today, and if you look back at blog posts and forecasts from earlier this week, we said over and over that there would be some some! The biggest ones to me were 2-3″ inches in a stripe from Green Hill, Alabama to Lawrenceburg, Tenn; thundersnow adding up to almost 4 inches in Cullman and Morgan City; and NO ACCUMULATION at all in spots around Jackson and DeKalb Counties.

So how could we have been so wrong about that part of the Tennessee Valley? There is no short answer, but part of it had to do with a weakening trend in the upper low as it passed east of Interstate 65. At it’s strongest, it was throwing snow all the way north into Southern Tennessee, but as the core weakened, that influence shrank and the precipitation fell apart as it moved into Jackson County and DeKalb County.

A northwest breeze and drier air under a clear sky may lead to some patchy black ice in the morning; however, many of the major roads will have time to dry off before we dip below freezing tonight between 10 PM and midnight. Anything that does not dry off will be a sheet of ice in the morning as temperatures drop into the mid-20s.

So, if you know of a spot where water normally stands after a soaking rain event, be aware of it tomorrow morning!

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