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A Friday Trip to Plainview!

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It was an early wake-up call this morning, but it was worth it! I took Storm Hunter 19 on another trip to DeKalb County today, and since it was a 9:00 AM appointment with the Third Grade at Plainview School in Rainsville, I took a more direct route. The sky was cloudy as I drove east on US 72 toward Scottsboro, but by the time I got up on to Sand Mountain on Highway 35, the sun was beginning to peek through the clouds.

Driving through Rainsville is always a treat. I’ve always been very interested in the geography of Sand Mountain, so it’s neat to come up onto Sand Mountain and almost forget you are up on top of a mountain! Once you get into Rainsville, you can see the crest of Lookout Mountain miles away, and once you get past downtown Rainsville, you run through the scar of a violent tornado from April 27th: the same tornado I wrote about earlier this week in my trip to Fyffe.

Going to schools is one of my favorite parts of this job, and when you go to a school like Plainview or Fyffe and see the faces of kids who lived through an EF-5 tornado, it energizes you. Those third graders had no fear in their eyes when I showed them a video of the tornado as it was crossing Highway 35 between their school and Katy’s Katfish. That’s good! I often use an analogy saying that tornadoes are a lot like teachers…you don’t have to live in fear of either of them as long as you know how to follow the rules! I think these students understand that better than most!

Thanks for having me out to Plainview today! If you are a teacher and would like me to visit your class, you can e-mail me at or contact us through this web form: Request an Anchor.

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