Disturbed Weather In Parts Of the West – Mainly Calm Out East


There was another beautiful sunrise this morning, thanks to a crystal clear sky. Temperatures this morning were mainly in the 30s, with Winchester, TN dipping into the upper 20s and higher elevations like on top of Monte Sano in the 40s. With full sunshine, temperatures will again heat up quickly. By lunch time temperatures will already be around 60 degrees, with highs later on today mostly in the mid 60s. We can also thank dry air in place for the unseasonably cool morning lows and quick heat up, because drier air heats and cools more efficiently than more moist air. Below are forecast high temperatures for today. Keep in mind they could vary by a couple degrees.

Disturbed weather stays out west over the next several days as several disturbances traverse the Pacific North West, bringing heavy snow and rain. Currently an area of low pressure is spinning just off of the Carolina coast, bringing clouds and some rain to the eastern coastline.  That disturbance should not impact our weather at all, as it will remain off the east coast, before tracking more northeasterly and out to sea within the next few days.  Below is a current surface map showing high and low pressure areas across the United States.

Mainly quiet and seasonable conditions will persist through the week for the Tennessee Valley. A couple of weak disturbances will move overhead late Monday and Tuesday and Friday. They will bring an increase in clouds, but only slim rain chances, with most remaining dry.  Thanksgiving will be beautiful across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, with highs in the Tennessee Vally possibly reaching into the upper 60s. Below is a forecast national surface map with temperatures for 12:00 pm (central time) on Thanksgiving Day, showing still unsettled weather out west and calm conditions for most of the eastern United States thanks to high pressure.

– Jennifer Watson

Twitter: @JWatson_Wx

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