Different Day, Different Sky

4:20 PM view west from downtown Florence, Alabama

4:20 PM view west from downtown Florence, Alabama

Last night, I posted a photo here that created a little Facebook stir amongst a group of people who believe that weather modification and control is occurring on a regular basis. The discussion about “chemtrails” and “weather modification” came up because of photos like this:

That was taken near Athens at 3:00 PM Thursday. There’s a sundog (“parhelion”) and several contrails showing up in that picture. The jets are not spraying chemicals; it’s simply exhaust made up of mainly carbon dioxide and water. When those molecules are released under the right conditions, they cause supercooled water droplets (up around 20,000 feet) to instantly crystalize on them. That produces a cloud that under some circumstances can last a long time; however, some days we see a contrail that may last for seconds to minutes, and other days those contrails are non-existent…like today:

4:20 PM view west from downtown Florence, Alabama

Are there no planes, or is it just that the meteorological conditions at flight level are different today? Here’s the flight tracker map from Flightradar24.com at 4:43 PM:

It’s all about temperature and humidity when it comes to contrails.

There is no meteorological kingpin sitting in Washington, Moscow, London, or Beijing with a control panel sending rain, storms, snow, cold, hot, etc. around the world.

Only in the movies…

Vector from “Despicable Me”

Honestly…how could our government hide something that large? George W. Bush didn’t steer Katrina into New Orleans any more than Barack Obama steered Sandy into New Jersey. Our atmosphere is an incredibly large, mysterious, and fantastic science experiment that we are learning more and more about every day.

There are perfectly reasonable and scientific explanations for a lot of the “weird” things we see in the sky. A simple comparison of yesterday’s sky to today’s sky will show you that while we had an unusual number of contrails passing overhead yesterday, it clearly isn’t a grid somehow controlling the way our atmosphere works.

If you want to learn more about contrails, or if you’re skeptical of my explanation and want a springboard into how the other side sees things, check out www.contrailscience.com.

I enjoy discussion, but I won’t let pseudoscience go without a “check.”

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