The Next 24 Hours – Dry Friday


After a cold start to the morning with lows in the upper 20s and lower 30s, a sunny sky helps kick start a warm-up that will end with afternoon high temperatures in the lower 60s! Frost is a good bet in the early morning hours, but temperatures quickly warm into the 50s by mid-morning.

A light northeast breeze around 6 to 12 MPH will keep cool, dry air moving in from the northeastern United States; it is going to be milder in spite of that thanks to dry ground and abundant sunshine. Expect a high between 60 and 65º between 1 and 3 PM.

HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS: November weather can be a real gamble for outdoor events, but this week’s high school football playoffs will feature some of the best mid-November weather in recent memory. Temperatures will start out near 50º and drop into the mid-40s under a fair sky. No rain is expected.

GALAXY OF LIGHTS: The Galaxy of Lights at Huntsville Botanical Garden is open for public walk-through Friday evening from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Expect dry weather, a mostly clear sky, and temperatures around 52º at 5:30 PM. It cools down into the upper 30s by 7:30 PM with a light northeast wind at 5-10 MPH.

Climate Data for November 16th
Sunrise: 6:22 AM
Sunset: 4:41 PM
Average High: 64 Record 78 (1955)
Average Low: 42 Record 14 (1940)

Hours of Daylight: 10:18 (2 minutes shorter)

Friday’s Temperature Trend in Huntsville

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