Cirrus Clouds Make for a Pretty Sunset!


Today’s sunset time is 4:42 PM in Huntsville, so we have a just a short time to get some great sunset shots! Our e-mail address is; you can also send us photos via social media: @simpsonwhnt & @whnt on Twitter as well as Jason Simpson and WHNT News 19 on Facebook!

Here’s the view at 4:10 PM from the Jack’s Camera Network at Lake Guntersville. The high, thin cirrus clouds in the distance are adding some nice color to the setting sun!

These high clouds will slide over tonight, and they will be gone by 4 AM. That means another cold night is on the way. Expect lows in the upper 20s and lower 30s by sunrise Friday. Evening temperatures will be slow to drop over in The Shoals as these clouds will act to re-radiate heat back to the surface for a few hours.

Here’s what we’re looking at by morning! Scattered frost will abound over a large part of North and Northwest Alabama as well as Southern Tennessee; however, places like Guntersville and higher-elevation communities on Sand and Lookout Mountains may not be quite as cold as the usual “cold spots” in the valleys:

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