Predicting Winter Weather With Persimmon Seeds


This is an archived post from 2012, but the information explaining the persimmon seeds is still accurate!

Jason Simpson took a look at the long range forecast earlier today here. This post is a much less scientific look ahead at winter weather, using weather folklore.  According to weather folklore, winter weather can be predicted using the seed of a persimmon tree.  Growing up in Huntsville, there was a persimmon tree in our yard and my neighbor taught me that one could predict the type of winter weather we would experience by taking a look inside a persimmon seed.  I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this method, but some old-timers put a lot of stock in it!

If you aren’t sure whether you have seen a persimmon or a persimmon tree, they look like this:

More images can be seen here.  In order to predict the weather using the seed, it needs to be extracted from the persimmon, dried, and then carefully sliced in half.  Once sliced in half, there will be one of three shapes that show up: a spoon, fork, or knife.  If the center of the seed resembles a fork, the weather will supposedly be mild.  If the center of the seed resembles a knife, the winter will be icy.  If the center of the seed resembles a spoon, the winter will be snowy.  See the image below for an example.

So by now you must be wondering what the verdict is for this winter here in the Tennessee Valley!  Well, I sliced into a persimmon seed this evening and this is how it appeared:

I didn’t get a real good slice, but it appears that we have a spoon this year!  That bodes well for all of you snow lovers out there!

Mike Wilhelm