The Northern Lights in the Tennessee Valley?


We are a long way from the North Pole, but there is a slim chance that you could see the Northern Lights this weekend. The chance of afternoon showers and storms may inhibit the viewing a little because those showers can often leave “leftover” clouds even through the evening, but with at least some periods of clearing Saturday night and Sunday night, you could see the Aurora Borealis as far south as extreme North Alabama Saturday morning as well as Saturday night into Sunday morning. There is not a particular time that is best for skywatching, but if you do see some strange glows on the northern horizon, it’s not a Martian attack – it’s the Northern Lights! (It will be very difficult to see this south of the Tennessee border, but it is possible if the sky gets clear enough.)

Current Aurora Borealis Viewing Zone at 10 PM Friday:

CME Forecast from Goddard Space Weather Lab:

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